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    2. The latest announcement: warm congratulations on wing Fu medical equipment Co., Ltd. website revision, new on-line!
      Investment agent

         • the company's product technology Services Department has a full-time engineer, providing an all day hotline service, is responsible for providing technical support and after-sales service to users to provide timely and effective time.

      • all employees of the company have the obligation to record customer feedback issues, mobilize all staff, do a good job of customer complaints records, reflect the attitude of customer service.
      • feedback issues and process records throughout until customer validation issues are resolved.
      • for problems beyond the time limit, raise the alarm level step by step, until the general manager personally intervene.
      (1) after sale installation;
      Free installation, commissioning and training: training contents for the structure and principle of the basic structure of the equipment, performance, main components, daily operation, maintenance and management, and troubleshooting, emergency treatment.
      (2) scope and time of warranty;
      The scope of warranty is our company's products to customers.
      Products from the date of receipt, acceptance of equipment, the equipment warranty period of 1 years, life-long maintenance.
      Within one month, a new machine can not be replaced by human beings.
      (3) response time
      After the failure of the equipment, within 2 hours of response, if in 48 hours still can not effectively solve, free of charge with the grade of equipment for temporary use of the hospital, the parts are replaced by the original parts.
      (4) active care measures;
      Provide complete operating instructions, maintenance manuals and technical documents related to maintenance, and do not conceal technical details relating to maintenance.