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      The dawn of high-end medical instruments

      "China manufacturing 2025" proposed, to improve the innovation ability of medical equipment and the level of industrialization, focusing on the development of imaging equipment, medical robots and other high performance medical equipment, biodegradable stents and other high-value medical consumables, wearable medical products such as mobile, remote diagnosis and treatment. The breakthroughs and applications of new technologies such as biological 3D printing and induced pluripotent stem cells have been realized.
      In recent years, the development of medical equipment industry in China has been gratifying, but from the overall development situation, it has been concentrated in the low-end products field, and the high-end product market has been dominated by foreign enterprises". All along, China's high-end medical equipment market is almost monopolized by imported brands, while the domestic brands of higher export products are mostly in the low-end market.
      However, with the improvement of national policies, economic living standards and people's awareness of health care, the aging of the population, the export of products and the replacement of products, all of these have a great influence on the development of medical device industry. In recent years, the medical and health undertakings have been continuously strengthened in our country, and the investment in medical and health care has also been increasing.
      "Chinese manufacturing 2025" clear biological medicine and high performance of medical devices as one of the ten key areas of development, the introduction of the policy, the relevant departments will further promote support for high performance medical equipment development, and greatly stimulate the passion of innovation of medical equipment enterprises.
      Medical equipment is the fastest growing industry in our country in recent years. The average annual growth rate has been above 20% for many years, far higher than the average growth level of the national economy. According to the "China Health 2020 Strategic Research Report", the next 8 years will introduce the amount of up to 400 billion yuan of the 7 major medical system major projects. In the Ministry of health's 400 billion yuan investment plan, 109 billion yuan will be used for construction of county hospitals.
      In recent years, domestic demand for medical devices has increased rapidly, and exports have also been increasing. With the continuous improvement of medical equipment technology in China, the cost advantage is gradually emerging, so that it can be more competitive under the same quality conditions, and promote the sustained and rapid growth of exports.
      China has become the world's third largest medical device market after the United States and japan. However, the high-tech medical equipment has been the short board of the medical equipment industry in our country. Leadrun Huikang (www.lrioh.com) believe that with this power, the future, in the domestic and international high-end medical equipment market, there will be more and more "Chinese products manufacturing".
      Some agencies predict that in the next 10 years, China's medical equipment industry will usher in world shaking changes. The development of medical equipment industry will China from the past heavy quantity and yield to weight the quality and brand transformation, market structure will change fundamentally, scientific research ability, brand influence of innovative enterprises will be the mainstream of the market.